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Vanjax has attained an eminent position in the field of industrial hydraulic tools, equipment, devices and machines with a large variety of original developments for a wide spectrum of applications. more than a century of trading acumen and four decades of manufacturing expertise is at the core of the family business of vanjax.vanjax is your supermarket for hydraulic tools, equipments, devices and machines. from simple reverse engineering to independent, original and innovative research & design and development; it has been an exciting phase of growing stronger. this is reflected in the array of products you are about to see on this website.the products on display are proof of painstaking study of the application, the engineering involved, meticulous calculations, close interaction with the customer and combined efforts of many. all this is focused on the sole aim of producing what the customer asked for.being small in size has given us the advantage of fast response and our innate passion for development of low cost, high tech solution us a rich harvest of technical know-how. the variety of products shown in these pages is the symbols of vanjax technical measure of the resources under our command.after sales serving support is an integral part of our business. we deem it to be vital as the marketing and manufacturing a company. each product carries with it the vanjax warranty / guarantee. after sales service and spares are assured.invoke then the master spirit of the earth, to come into your midst and sanctify the scales and the reckoningthat weighs value against value-khalil jibran

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